What are Types of Softball Glove and how to Choosing

Softball gloves vary widely. There is an overwhelming number of options. It’s not always clear just by looking which glove is best for which position. If you’re playing first or catcher, you don’t want to buy a softball glove.

You need a softball mitt instead (first baseman mitts are similar to gloves, catcher’s mitts are significantly larger). Features aside, it’s important to visit a physical store. You need to try the glove on. Otherwise, you won’t get a good feel for its weight.

A glove’s weight is primarily determined by its material. Leather gloves are a popular choice. Whether or not the leather is treated makes a significant difference in break-in time. Treated leather breaks in significantly faster. You might also go with a synthetic material glove. These tend to be lighter weight and less expensive.

After you narrow down your material, pocket depth and webbing length are next. Thetypes-of-softball-glove further from the batter you are the deeper you want your pocket and the longer you want your webbing. Infielders need a shallow pocket to retrieve the ball quickly. Outfielders need a deeper pocket to prevent the ball from bouncing out of their glove. What makes a pocket shallow or deep and webbing short or long varies from person to person. After trying a few gloves on you’ll get a better idea what works best for you.

Whether or not you prefer an open back to your glove, and the type of clasp you like around the wrist is purely personal preference. When I played, it was with a closed back glove and no clasp. Infielders especially seemed to like a strap of some kind to keep the glove tight to their wrist. I highly recommend trying both to see which suits you best.

For some, whether to choose a right-hand or left-hand glove is easy. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. You want your glove on your non-dominant hand. If you don’t have a clear non-dominant hand you want your glove on the hand you don’t typically use to throw. If you throw with both, try this trick. Pick up a bat and stand as if waiting for a pitch. The bottom hand is your glove hand.

In general, visit this site. There are a ton of options. Softball gloves have a nearly endless combination of materials, sizes, and features. Take your time, and don’t be afraid to make more than one trip.