What are the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet brands?

The sharp crash helmet testing data is currently one of the most reliable ways to distinguish the best brands of helmets. A higher helmet rating definitely translates to a higher protection level. One good thing about the SHARP testing data is the way in which it provides comparative scores. With that in account, it becomes much easier to distinguish how well they perform relative to each other.

A latest survey was carried out and results obtained. This was done from 2010-16.This is an opportunity for you to learn which are the safest crash helmet brands.

Bell Helmets


Bell helmets have taken the number one position twice. So far, SHARP has engaged in testing 9 helmets. Out of the 9, eight of them of them scored the maximum 5/5 stars. Truth be told, a lot of people would be very comfortable and happy with that. However, a recent review had one scoring a disappointing 3 stars. A lot of people are falling into the temptation of believing that Bell’s crown is flipping in a downward trend.

Caberg Helmets

For quite some time now Caberg has been succeeding at making some high quality and highly rated helmets. The good news is to the customers who are now reaping real value for their money because of the associated useful features as well as the great safety levels. Out of the eleven helmets tested by SHARP, it has turned out that eight have scored a five star rating. Some helmets put under tests lately had some four hitting the maximum rating.

AGV Helmets

Since the year 1947,AGV has been manufacturing fine helmets. One of the tests carried out lately which involved the testing of some twenty one helmets had seven scoring a maximum five stars and thirteen obtained quite a commendable four.

Shark helmets

AGV and SHARK are almost impossible to distinguish considering the fact that both scored exactly the same mark in terms of rating. Both of these manufacturers had most of their recent helmets attaining an average of 4.5.That was the reason behind placing both of the manufacturers in the second place. There were six shark helmets attaining the maximum 5/5 stars while fifteen of them had 4/5 stars. However, one was rated at a 3 star.

X-Lite Helmet

This helmet manufacturing agency happens to be a part of the Nolan group of companies. Their objective is to manufacture the safest possible helmets and looking at the very decent score, it is easy to tell that they offer real value for money. SHARP testing worked on some nine helmets and upon testing obtained results. In this case, two scored 5/5 whereas the rest settled in four stars. You will love one thing about the X-Lite brand. It is really reliable. Your brain is kept safe at all times.

The above brands top the list. There others taking positions five, seven and so on. You are the buyer and you better understand how much you are willing and able to spend and which level of quality you can tolerate. Visit here and get what you need.