The Power Rack

Have you ever heard of a Power Rack? They have been use since the 1960s’ and its use is one of the oldest and many say most popular trends in modern home body sculpting and muscle development. Imagine if you will a solid framework surrounding you and you are inside and all the weights and exercise attachments that you need for your workout are attached or inside it with you.

body-solid-power-rack-nettYou now have a central area to focus your workout in and with a safety catch system with bar catches that act as your spotter, there is less chance now of injury. This is the theory behind the use of Power Racks and in this article we are going to examine one of the best.

Terry Todd and Dr. Craig Whitehead popularized Power Racks when they used them for their landmark “Theory of Maximum Fatigue.” By the 90 Power Racks had fallen out of use in favor of all those modern cable pulley machines, you see in the gyms and health clubs. However, in the book “Dinosaur Training” on page 121 states quite clearly that a Power Rack is the secret of building superhuman strength and you cannot do it without a Power Rack to reach your full potential.

Today the Power Rack has again made a comeback and professional body builder worldwide praise it for the effects it has had on their Physiques.

If you were to go to the British site devoted to the “Golden Age of Iron Men”, you would see the extent that the Ironmen of Old were able to develop themselves using the same exercises that a Power Rack is ideally suited for.

Sadly, the caretaker of that wonderful site has recently passed on.

The site has been donated to David Gentle and he is working diligently to bring it and all the history of the great Strongmen back to the web so we all may enjoy it once more. This reviewer had spent some months on the British site and made backup copies of the many articles, historical teaching programs and manuals, many that would have been lost forever otherwise.

In the exercises in almost all of the manuals and programs on the site, you would see the use of freestanding weights and exercises that only a Power Rack will allow you to practice safely. You can achieve the same results as Strongmen like Eugen Sandow had (The same man who Arnold Schwarzenegger went to English museum and had Sandow’s statue reassembled so he could measure his proportions to find the perfect form.

So, you see that the superhuman development of these old time body builders was a direct result of using systems that the Power Rack typifies and places into your home gym or workout area. You can see more about power rack at At here you can know what is the best power rack, how to use them and other useful information.

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