Body Solid Power Rack: The Best Power Rack For You

Body Solid Power Rack help you building superhuman strength effectively and safely at home. You don’t need to do that at the gym, just  at your home. That’s true.

The Body Solid Power Rack is a modular system for use in the home that can grow with you as your routines change and expand. You can go from free weights to a complete home gym system that can work every muscle in your body.

bodynett9Proper workouts require a stable, sturdy and rugged support system and the Body Solid Power Rack has it, made from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel. The frame with four post frame with an all welded construction, it provides the solid support structure to surround your workout area.  Body Solid Power Rack as all serious lifters know is the ideal for solo safe workouts.

Body Solid Power Rack designed for the most extremes of workouts can handle any workout you can imagine. You can start with a mere 300lb. Starter Set or if you have already progressed beyond that point, a 500lb. version is also available. You can add other attachments to fit your budget or as your exercise needs change.

Body Solid Power Rack  can cover every major muscle group you want to develop. Flexibility and modularity is its secret. It can fit into any other system of physical development program you can think of like Cardio Conditioning, MMA, and Sprint exercise systems. Body Solid Power Rack  can even prepare you for Ironman competition and triathlon conditioning. Runners will find that it will help build up their legs and stamina for Ultra Marathons.

In the final analysis, this Power rack good support for you complete exercises from light to heavy safely and effectively. With the strong frames of body solid power rack you can build muscle for all muscle groups over your body such as arm, shoulder, back, chest, leg, V Taper… With exercises such as barbell, bench press, Cable press, squat, pull ups, dips, Deadlift, Chin-Up … More and more.

Of course to complete  these exercises  if you just have body solid power rack it’s not enough.  You must have other attachments such as  Bench, Calb, weight plates … Therefore Body Solid Power Rack GPR378 Package with Bench, 300 lb. Weight Set is a perfect choice for you.

With Body Solid Power Rack In a short time, you can have the ultimate workout system in your home gym.

Here  Body Solid Power Rack  Pros

Heavy Duty describes this Power Rack, which suits it for most workout programs out there.

Designed for home use but rated for commercial usage.

A Modular system that lets you add to the basic unit to fit the type of workout you are using.

The Body Solid Power Rack has the same features as similar Power Racks at a fraction of the cost.

Safety the newly redesigned Bar Catches make you more secure in your workouts.

Ease of assembly is another factor for the home gym. This unit puts together in under 40 minutes with the proper hand tools. It would take under 20 if one were to use an impact wrench.

There are two best kinds of body solid power rack for you

After reviewing many Power Racks of body solid. Current, there are two best body solid Power Racks on the market. Those are Body-Solid Pro Power Rack gpr378 and Body-Solid Multi-Press Rack gpr370. It is one of the best and at a price that will fit most home budgets. The vast majority of users rate this Power Rack at between 4 and 5 Stars This reviewer having looked at a wider selection of Power Racks than most.


Top 2 body solid power rack Comparison

We provided you comparison of the technical specifications of each of the 2 products, as well as their Amazon rating and their price.

Top 2 Body Solid Power Rack Reviews

Body Solid Pro Power Rack GPR378

You can find full review article about  Body solid pro power rack GPR378 at


The Body solid pro power rack GPR378 is perfect for heavy lifters, ideal for heavy workouts at home or for use business at the gym.It be perfectly designed to help users perform more exercises very effective and safe. Body solid pro power rack GPR378 is a great solution if you want to save space for your gym.

The Body-Solid Pro Power Rack GPR378 is designed to work with all types of benches and engineered for extreme workouts.
it has Heavy-duty 11-measure high tensile strength, steel frames and all-4-side welded building and outsize industrial power hardware.

If you have workout brutality routine you don’t worry about that because it be covered by an outer layer of electrostatic paint Scratch-resistant and chipping.

With those features the Body solid pro power rack GPR378 is entirely appropriate for you to get body stronger and bigger.

Body Solid Multi Press Rack GPR370

Please visit for view full review about Body Solid Multi Press Rack GPR370


The Body Solid Multi Press Rack GPR370 is a phenomenal product and already in big-name gyms across the country. This is a great power rack for you workout exercises for the chest, shoulder, squad… with 14-position gun rack you can upgrade your exercises from low to high from light to heavy safely and easily.

Designed with an extra-wide 4-point stance you will be easy to Perform squats, calf raises, lunges, dead-lifts, upright rows, and many, many more power building exercises comfortably.

Its a special features that features a 7° reverse pitching that help accommodates your body’s natural raising route. rather than forcing it to work in a vertical line. A great features.

The Body-Solid Multi-Press Rack GPR370 meets two both criterion that workout at home and gym so you can use it for your home workout or gym workout.

If you want to build bigger muscle and build strength or simple looking for a power rack which help you workout chest, shoulder, squad…With many different levels then Body-Solid Multi-Press Rack GPR370 is for you.

Get Body Solid Multi Press Rack GPR370 right now

AS mention before this reviewer has studied the top Power Racks on the market and body solid power rack one of the top three. The other two made for commercial use in spas and health clubs and cost over 3 times what the Body Solid Power Rack does.

But, the main factor that decided me was the Body Solid Power Rack’s versatility to handle almost any addons or exercise attachments this reviewer could ever possibly conceive of using. It handles free weights up to the Olympic level. A stack weight and cable system installs and gives you the right amount of weight that you can adjust to fit your workout. Different bench styles and leg exercise attachments fit right inside the frame with ease.

If you are looking for an all around Power Rack or if you have a special exercise regime your are following the Solid Body Power Rack will fill the bill perfectly and this reviewer gives an unqualified 5 Star rating.

However, there is several Cons of body solid power rack but i think it is not significant to prevent you get a body  solid power rack:

Hole numbering would make changing exercise setups easier.

You should have a good socket wrench available when assembling to save time.

You need to be careful and not over torque the bolts while assembling.

Get Body Solid Power Rack Right Now

If you want to sculpt your body and build it up in the shortest time possible a Body Solid Power Rack is the indispensable part of your workout program. The Body Solid Power Rack gives you such a base from which to build the type of body you are looking for. From the body weight exercises of the Navy Seals, free weights and exercise machine based programs with an almost unlimited variety of the type of exercise you can think of you can perform using Body Solid Power Rack.

You can create a customized program that takes you from where you are now to whatever limits you are planning to achieve. Its strength can stand up to the punishment that a heavy duty or extreme workout. Body solid power rack can also handle maintenance exercises to hold what you have at a level that makes you comfortable.

If you want to have the Physique like the “Ironmen of Old” or you just want to have better health and a happier life then a body solid  Power Rack is just what you need to make the center of your home work out center.

The Body Solid Power Rack is your key to having the better body you desire and others will admire you for having. Don’t wait any longer to get yourself into the shape that commands respect is the envy of those around you. Order Body Solid Power Rack  today and right now.

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