Body Solid Power Rack Attachments

A Body Solid Pro Power Rack is a must if you want to build strong slabs of muscle. However, having a standard old power rack won’t suffice as you need to get high-quality framing, freedom of movement, adequate safety feature, and above all you need to be able to add attachments in order to isolate certain muscles and take your training to the next level! Throughout this article we’ll be looking at some attachments you can purchase for your Body Solid Pro Power Rack GPR 378 and how they can enhance your training.


300lbs Premium Weight Stack

One of the major goals when going to the gym is going to be to increase your strength, this is how you make progress and this is how you get the body that you want. Over time you’ll get used to the weights that come with the rack and you’ll need more weight in order to keep progressing. This is why the 300lbs premium weight stack is a must have! It is comprised of cast iron oversized plates and are cast from ASTM-grad 20 meaning that they are of the highest-quality!

Lat Attachment

If you want to build a strong back and have lats like Dorian Yates then this is a crucial attachment for your Body Solid Pro Power Rack. Pullups and chin-ups are fine but the negative to these exercises is that you are limited to your body weight, with a strong lat attachment you are able to add excess amounts of weight safely and thus grow your lats like never before!

In addition to this, it is also unbelievably strong and can hold weight of up to 2200lbs! It also features 1″ diameter weight posts meaning that you can use standard weight plates or Olympic weight plates.

Calf Squat Block

We all know that squats are a fundamental exercises but yet everyone seems to overlook them! Well that won’t be a problem with this fancy – yet functional – calf squat block. It is great for both new and advanced lifters as it aids in stabilizing the user whilst also allowing for more isolation on the muscles. So in other words, new lifters can rest assured that they are safe performing the exercise, whilst experienced lifters can benefit as they are able to focus on the muscles more.


In conclusion, there are many attachments that you can purchase for your Body Solid Pro Power Rack, we have listed just three of these attachments above and it’s safe to say that they are some of the best attachments available. You’ll surely see some good benefits from these attachments and they will aid you in taking your training to the next level.

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